Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring and Pink...A Good Combo

It's a weekend full of cherry blossoms, scads of pollen, cute bunnies (or fat one-eyed kitties), and fun Spring jewelry!!  I'm celebrating with some pretty pink help from

First, a texture-rich necklace.  I've always wanted one of these pretty borosilicate glass toggles, so I went for pink.  Then, I finished off some dark pink satin out of my stash and some light pink organza ribbon  with silver ends.  Along with the cool clasp in the front, I decided to use one of my own polymer clay pendants and some bright green coordinating beads...a disc from HMB Studios and a big faux chalcedony nugget.  I guess this is as close to an Easter egg as I'll get this year.  :)

Another view...

While enjoying the scent of glue from the crimp ends, I decided to work with some copper and satin to see what I could come up with.  This big pink tube of satin silk wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but it turned out to be very fun!  It's called "fancy satin silk string" so I figured it'd be like string.  But, it was about the size around of my pinky finger.  Uh, what can I do with this?  Well, it turned into a great layer on wire and the ends sort of flared out into what reminds me of a tissue-paper flower.  So, here's a necklace with a pendant...

and some matching earrings.... was the first website I tried years ago for my first on-line bead fixes and I've continued to use them for both basic components and fun, unique pieces.  So, I'm thrilled to be a part of their blogging community.  More ideas and links to other blogs can be found at the Artbeads Blog for Beaders

I'm going to go get myself a Cadbury creme egg (or six) and get my chocolate shock on!  haaaaaaaaa
On that note, hope you enjoy a lovely and blessed Easter weekend.  :)
The glass toggle and satin string used in the previous post, specifically referenced as from were provided as promotional gifts by for review or design partnership purposes.


  1. Loverly pieces, Jen! Love the silk with the copper~ girly funky!

  2. Oh that is a gorgeous pendant - very striking. Thanks for pointing out those toggles for me too... very cool.


  3. SWEET! I love a good saturated pink with a deep lime green! Nice work!


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