Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Frankenkitty and Etsy

See this big fluff ball of a kittyboy?  Well, last week we had some drama in the Velasquez household.  One of Brando's eyes had some issues (I'll spare you the details because they're gross) and he had to have it taken out.  Yep, he had enucleation.  Even the medical word is sort of creepy.  I won't share the post-op photos because one of my friends already almost threw up.  haaaaaaaaaaa

I'm happy to report that he's doing great and with the stitches on his sweet pudgy face he looks like a little Frankenkitty!!  It has been almost a week, so he's struggled with the e-collar (I call him "tunnel head") and pouted enough for me to take it off of him...so, he only has one of the six stitches left.  :)  The most frequently asked question I get from friends is whether he'll have a patch or not.  Nope, no piratehood in his future.  He'll just have a plain old white fluffy cheek...an extra-large white fluffy cheek that is.

I've been trying to think of the perfect post to write in his honor, so tonight you're getting my version of an Etsy treasury...and it's all about the Cat's Eyes!!!  Get it?!  haaaaaaaaaaaaa  I just did a search on "cats eye" to see what I'd find and there are all sorts of cool things!  But, I stayed with the jewels because that's what I do...lots of the fiber optic sort of cat's eye beads, but also a few gorgeous pieces of chrysoberyl, the naturally occurring "cat's eye."

1.  Victorian Cat's Eye Bracelet by OnTheWingsOfMaybe
2.  Damsel Pyrite & Cat's Eye Earrings by SugarRococo
3.  Tangerine Delight Earrings by CrazyDaisyme
4.  The Cat's Meow Necklace by karensugarmandesigns
5.  Cat Eye signed original print by cheeseandbean
6.  Sunny necklace by BOiS
7.  Tiger Eyes by JelliesJewelry
8.  Black wire wrapped cat by WireArtInk
9.  Casey earrings by LaneyStudios
10.  Cat's eye recycled necklace by ecoblingcouture
11.  White Cat's Eye Hemp Bracelet by contourmysoul
12.  Dark Canyon Earrings by PoleStar

I didn't do any shopping...vet bills, you know...but I certainly enjoyed browsing around in the wild halls of Etsy's jewels.  I highly recommend it!  It's time for me to go read something about Afghanistan for school tomorrow.

Take care!

Jen, Brando the Frankenkitty...oh, and Frankie the Scaredy Cat >^..^<


  1. Poor kitty. But now it makes him look tuff, the way a white kitty should!
    Love the treasury!
    Enjoy the day!
    P.S. I am on virtual shopping detail as well since I just brought home "Hamilton"...he was a costly bad boy!

  2. Jen darling... today was Love our Pets days! My Cody had a tumor surgery today and is sleeping soundly on "his" chaise lounge a.k.a. a really comfy piece of furniture we bought for us, but tonight it's all Cody's! :o)

    So glad to hear Frankenkitty is doing well! I love happy endings in furry stories! Great "Best of" Etsy Memoir!

    Give Frankenkitty some extra belly rubs from my "kids" and I!

  3. Poor, poor Brando! I'm happy that he will be okay, though... just with a bigger kitty cheek. I love all the cat's eyes you've found for him.

  4. What a sweet boy~ I am so glad that he is healing well. (Tunnel head. BWAHAHAHA)

    Great treasury!

  5. Oh, the mention of vet bills. A not-serious trip to the vet is rarely less than several hundred dollars. I don't even want to imagine the cost of a cat-eye-ectomy!

  6. Poor Brando - he looks so sweet (and he is a big boy, isn't he?). Hope he mends with no complications. Sending him some kitty love and tummy rubs!

  7. Poor Kitty! Yikes, I do not even want to know what those vet bills will like. I am glad he is healing well. Hugs!

  8. Poor kitty! Glad he's doing okay.

  9. I hope your Kitty is mending well. Poor (big) baby! Great post in his honor, what an idea. Thanks for the cat's eye search as well. Got to go shopping now.

  10. Oh the poor boy. I am glad to hear he is doing fine. Sending some love across the ocean.....


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