Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wire Girl At Work

bead fest teaching 8, originally uploaded by kabs_concepts.

In my class with Kerry Bogert over the weekend, she was taking some pics. Here's one of the lovely mess I had going on...which turned into a "Delightful" necklace. It's one of the projects out of her book, Totally Twisted.

Plus, I was wearing a necklace with Kerry's beads that I made last year. I was worried I'd seem like some crazy bead stalker chick, but it was okay. haaaaaaaaaaaaa

p.s. the creative energy appears to have started at the roots of my hair! haaaaaaa


  1. Wonderful creations do not come from a neat work space. What a great picture!

  2. Looks very tidy to me. But then I have snippets of wire and beads every where right now.

  3. Gawjus girl, and that necklace is pretty sharp too. Can I have it? :P ;) :D

  4. "Creative minds are rarely tidy."
    I used to tell my mom that when she asked me to clean my room. (Didn't go over so well.)
    Looks like heaps of fun!
    Enjoy the day, Jen!

  5. Great pic Jen! I tell you what, your work space looks like an artistic creation all on it's own! Glad you had so much fun! Very rarely do we get to see The One And Only Jen JV in action! Great shot crazy bead stalker woman! :o)

  6. That necklace you have on looks great!


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