Monday, April 26, 2010

When Does Collecting Turn Into Hoarding?

Someone in my house has been hoarding handmade lampwork art beads.  Can you even imagine?  haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I guess my collecting all started when I was in middle school and had to have all the latest cool stickers.  Remember Lisa Frank?  How about Mrs. Grossman's? I still have that sticker book...yes, it has moved with me eight times!  haaaaaaaaaaaa  But, of course I have actually expanded the sticker collection into a whole nightmare (okay, it's actually a daydream) of crafty paper, adornments, glue, more paper and, yes, even more stickers.  I can't even tell you how many plastic containers (with lovely printed labels) I have filled with my artsy-crafty life supplies.

When I fell in love with making jewelry a few years back, my joy of hoarding spread to beautiful beads.  I should probably feel guilty that these pretties are only my treats to look at, sorted out in color-specific drawers with lovely printed labels.  Since I don't feel guilty at all about my collection I figure it's a safe time for me to start actually using them.  If you're a bead afficionado, then you know that handmade beads aren't inexpensive, so these bracelets aren't either. But, since they're a little gallery all on their own, I think it's totally worth using them all up!!

Lampwork glass discs from HMB Studios
Lampwork rondelles from Lisa New
Plus...beans from South America, a bit of Javanese
glass (which is so appropriate because we studied
Indonesia today in class), and a few ceramic pieces.

Lampwork disks from HMB Studios
Lampwork rondelles from Lisa New
A lampwork rondelle from Cindy Craig
Plus...beans from South America, some Javanese
 glass, and a few ceramic pieces.

So what sort of collection do you have?  Are you keeping it just for yourself?  What are you saving all those beads for?  haaaaaaaaaa


  1. I love these, so beautiful I just ordered some beads from HMB this afternoon for a necklace I was working on that was missing that special something. I collect crafting stuff, soldering irons, stamps, paper, crafting books, yarn, patterns and of course beads. I am working on getting this stuff new homes (by turning it into fab creations of course) but it IS hard to part with some of the stuff.

  2. You have a huge talent for making vibrant colour! These pieces just sing colour and your wire work is not too shabby either. I don't really hoard beads (that's not true). But I do hoard things I could make beads out of.

  3. Jen, I vote that you give us a peek into your "collection!" Just some photographs ... that's all. I'm not asking for much! The bracelets are wonderful!

  4. I love your bracelets. They just shout "Wear Me!" I am better about hording the beads I make. My teacher, of glass beads, said stop hording the beads and make something out of them to sell. That was five years ago and I am doing much better, though there are still some beads that I have to keep (I just can't part with them yet). I am the same with some of my ceramic pieces I make. I just can't part with some of them yet. There must be a meeting for people like us :)

  5. Oh man, you can do amazing things with glass beads. These bracelets are fantastic!


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