Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Beer & Nut Jewelry

I have a test in the morning on joint air campaign planning.  Yep, a four page essay on the command and control of our country's air power...should be a cinch, right?  haaaaaaaaaaaa  Apparently I'm on a study break.  In honor of my little snack time, here are some of my newest pieces....

These earrings have all the beer and nuts you need!
The brown glass rings are recycled from bottles...from Art by the Case
Purple enameled headpins from SueBeads
Nuts from Brazil.  :)

Of course, a matching necklace would be great, right?

This necklace is copper cool.
The big copper toggle is from Artbeads.com.
The purple stone focal and crazy lace purple beads are from my random stash.
Most importantly, the recycled brown glass ring is from Bronwen Heilman.
Many thanks to my friend, Anne-Marie who did some proxy shopping for me out in Santa Fe.  :)
Oh, and there are lots more Brazilian nuts!

These beer-nut specials are in my etsy shop.  :)

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