Friday, March 26, 2010

Turquoise Challenge

How hard can it be to mix turquoise, violet and some shades of yellow? 

That was the challenge that the Art Bead Scene, in coordination with Margie Deeb, threw out in February.  Well, the deadline of April 1st is fast approaching, so it's time to share my end result...
The art bead I used is an enameled cone by Barbara Lewis.  Then, in the coiling spirit I've been in, I used gunmetal grey colored copper wire to create the links and the bunch of stone dangles in the focal.  The stones are turquoise nuggets, iolite faceted nuggets, and lemon quartz faceted rounds.  One of my fave parts of this necklace is the's the first toggle that I actually made all by myself because I couldn't buy one that matched just right.

Now that I loaded this bit in my Etsy shop, I have to go snuggle with my one-eyed cat for a bit before heading off to work. :)


  1. I was checking out your previous post and that is a great first try with the lampwork beads. They are very nice and round and even have decoration, you should keep going. Have fun at Kerry's class, we both live in the same town, and her new book is great.

  2. I love the necklace - what a clever use of the cone! The coiling with it looks great.

  3. You nailed it Jen! Love the look and the soft muted tones of the beads.
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Nice! I really like the enameled cone with the stones and the wire. Very cool!

  5. Great necklace! I love how funky it is! It brings out your spirit and the colors in this challenge are all my favorites!

    Have a terrific weekend Jen!

  6. Turquoise and violet are such a beautiful combination and you did a fabulous job!


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