Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Can You Really Hate Orange?

This morning I had a great laugh over one of my bead bud's blog. Marcie at La Bella Joya declared that orange is completely uninspiring.  Can you believe that?  haaaaaaaa  It is a great post which you should definitely check out.  But, I have to declare in response that orange is key to life!!!   I haven't been as diligent about looking for orange around my house, but I don't have to look far...especially in my studio.  I have a whole lotta orange! And, uh, have you seen my blog background?!  haaaaaaaa  So, this week's posts and my etsy shop adds are going to be part of the orange family...because orange rocks!!!

Here's the first piece...I just love the "focal coloring" tool  that I found at Picnik, so I wanted to show the sweetness of this crazy lace focal.  The orange and purple all swirled and pretty...

And here's the whole kit and caboodle in color! 

It's like when you can't choose the grape soda or the orange soda.  Both of them are wonderfully sweet and when you're on the road wandering around Italy in your convertible, the most refreshing taste at the roadside stop is a frothy, fruity Fanta.  Yes, I lived in Italy and had a convertible and drank a lot of Fanta.  haaaaaaaa

Thanks for the inspiration, Marcie!!!  haaaaaaaaaaa

Jen Velasquez
(yep, that's my new name!!!)


  1. Jen, I'm with you about orange, but when you've lived as long as me you definitely see colors go in and out of style. Our first home in 1976 had burnt orange carpeting. It was so cool. Less than ten years later, you couldn't find anything that wasn't rose (mauve) and blue, which lasted an indeterminably long time. Now we're back to an old favorite ... ORANGE! It looks like it has staying power along with lime green ... we're definitely hippies again!

  2. Jen, what a great post! I love the happiness orange brings... it smells good, adds a delicious taste to foods & drinks and darn it, people like it!

    I don't get the priviledge of wearing orange because my fair skintone doesn't "play well with others (like orange). LOL But I do enjoy seeing it on others!

    This necklace ROCKS! I love the grape soda/orange soda analogy. It too put a smile on my face! Thanks for sharing the love.


  3. Hahaha!! We're gonna have to agree to disagree on this one, however...I do like your necklace, but you're NEVER bringing me over to the dark side! Mwuhahaha!!

  4. Love this post and your necklace, Jen! Your orange is so bright and happy - how can you not love it? Growing up as a kid, everything was "earth tones" blech (sorry Barbara!) - so I have had an aversion to orange but the modern version is much brighter than the orange of my childhood. Orange has grown on me! Thanks to Orange promoters like yourself! LOL!


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