Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wrappin' Rings...

Ever since the craftmageddon at my house during the snowstorm (yes, there was one day's worth of snow in central Alabama), I've had tons of different supply "genres" out around the house.  The dining room is the card-making and paper-crafting area.  Well, deep in those supplies, I found a bunch of really cool fibers that I remember, vaguely, buying on ebay years and years ago.  How does this translate to jewelry?  Well, during the Bead Soup Party I remember being excited about a fiber-wrapped wire piece that was such a cool look...and, thanks to my commenting friends, I figured out is Maire Dodd ...and, of course, I can't remember for the life of me who's it was, just that it was such a cool look.  So, in looking for a "core" for my fibers, I noticed a bunch of plain wooden rings.  The rest, is history!  Okay, well the rest is a bunch of trying to figure out the best way to wrap the fiber around the ring (hint...knitting needle) and then how to seal all the ends (hint...lots of colored 26g wire). 

You may recognize some inspiration from fellow bloggers...
 - The ABS reported on Pantone's report:  Turquoise is the color of the now I have it stuck in my mind most of the time...and spread out on my worktable all of the time.  :)
- And, I got some of Totally Twisted on with my new coiling gizmo (which totally rocks) and some great tips and ideas from Kerry B.

These babies are in my Etsy shop!!  Check them out!

p.s.  I learned how to make a bloggy "signature block" using some tips from this link!


  1. Totally Twisted Turquoise! OMG, Jen, these are gorgeous. And the turquoise color looks so great against the orange of your blog background! Maire Dodd has been doing a lot with fiber ... You go girl!

  2. Superbe ! Lovely, funny, colorful, spring is coming home.

  3. Those are really cool! Simply pretty and funky at the same time!

  4. That is great fun! You make it look so easy Jen. I am looking forward to my practice runs at wire soon!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy the day!

  5. Those earrings are too cool! So colorful and Love the fibers.

  6. very cool indeed! it's so fun to see how you used the fibers!


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