Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Adventures in Polymer

Check these out!
Of course there's a story behind these pretties (which are in my Etsy shop if you feel like you have to own them! haaaaaa)

I attempted again, recently, to teach a class.  I'm now officially one of the "visiting instructors" at our new local JoAnn's fabrics.  I'm not a huge fan of the actual specified projects (even though I probably shouldn't say that, they're not very pretty) so I haven't been trying hard enough to market them...I know, my bad.  So, last Sunday, even though I didn't have anyone signed up for the class, I took all my goods into the store's classroom and hung out and played.  The classroom is near the checkout line, so all the folks going through line could see what I was doing...I figure the more curiosity, the better, right?  I ended up with a young lady, Rebecca, and her mother helping me with inspiration.  They stayed and played for nearly an hour and a half!  We had such a great time!  She's a budding fashion designer, so she ended up with quite a few new accessories ready for her mom to bake up when they got home.  And I ended up with some kickass beads.  I have to give two shouts out to my polymer teachers:  Susan Gantz, back in Virginia, and Andrea Beeler, local here in Montgomery.  Susan helped me see all the potential in a little squeezy extruder and Andrea showed me how to shape beads.  I'm not perfect at any of these things, but I still love these results!

Plus, there's a reason I was using these particular colors...the ABS Turquoise Challenge.  This post came out weeks ago and since then I've had lots of ideas bouncing around in my head about how to use these colors.  I obviously have problems because I'm still in the yellows too much...gotta think more orange-y.  I still have plenty of clay and a whole week off of school for spring break next week, so I'm ready!


  1. These are gorgeous! Looks like a ton of fun!

  2. Just when I thought spring would never get here! Beautiful!!!

  3. Love those bright colors! You're teaching at Joann's? Is there anything you can't do? haha!

  4. GIMME! Those are gawjus, Jen!!
    I iz reh day to play beads, so hurray up and come south!

  5. I love how we can all use similar colors and end up with very different unique pieces! I love your beads Jen! They're beautiful!

    Have a great night~

  6. Nice beads- bright and beautiful!! At first I didn't like the combo in that color challenge but I also realized less yellow more lavender really makes it work. It is hard in this economy to succeed teaching. Let's all hope things pick up.


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