Monday, August 3, 2009

The Adventure's Beginning

I'm finally ready to sit down and get to beading in my new workshop! I'm so thrilled with how the lighting and workspace worked out. Plus, I had cable set up in there so I can watch HGTV reruns into oblivion!!

But, I have to be honest, I haven't been at the helm of this new space yet. For the last two weeks I've been on leave from the Air Force, in the midst of a major life transition not only from Virginia to Alabama but also from single to nearly-married. I've had the chance to spend plenty of time in my own mind and searching for inspiration from my new surroundings, which aren't in the same city as my fiance, by the by. :) One of my favorite places here in Montgomery is Blount Park, by the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. I've been walking and walking and walking trying to get my behind in shape while releasing the stress of working for five years in the Pentagon. It was a great tour there in Virginia--which led to some great jewelry--but I'm certainly ready for something new.

So, while I'm getting ready to start my first day of school tomorrow, I'm also getting ready to get back to my creative endeavors with just as much energy! Air power doctrine and the study of war will be one big part of my life, but I also hope to use new scenery and people as inspiration for fun new projects. War and beads? haaaaaaaaa Whatever works!

I've got a few projects waiting for me on the table along with a list of requests from Virginia to finish, but I feel like the fresh atmosphere in my new place, my new city, and my new outlook on the Air Force are going to help take these to the next level! I can see plenty of sterling squiggles to work with and I can't wait to make more. There are some fantastic recycled glass beads by Heather at HMB Studios that I'm looking forward to working with, too! Oooh and there are some totally fun crazy lace agate beads that I just couldn't live with out, apparently!

The first bit to finish, though, is a really cool, chaotic bunch of green, purple and blue beads that I have gathered on some green leather. I have to finish this one off and it will be a great addition to my summer jewelry wardrobe! Oh, or maybe to yours...I'm supposed to sell some of this stuff, right? haaaaaaaaa

I'm ready to start this adventure...hope you'll be here to keep me company!

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  1. Wow, what a new adventure-getting married, air power, war...I don't know about you bu I'm getting exhausted just pondering it all!

    Your studio looks great, as does your green summer necklace!


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