Friday, August 14, 2009

After School Special

I just finished my first week of classes at Air Command and Staff College. There's a ton I could say about the fun folks in my seminar or the wide variety of topics we're discussing, but I'm too focused on my after-school time at the moment.

Way back when, the long walk home from Bedford Primary School seemed to take forever because I was looking forward to all those important after-school things...

- Getting a snack...or just yelling for mom to find something in the pantry where there was absolutely nothing to eat! haaaaaaaaaa
- Calling my friend...who I just left at her door one minute ago on the way home but who I had to update with something
- Doing some homework...which usually had to wait until after CHiPs
- Watching CHiPs...while on the phone with my friend, who lived a block away, discussing each detail of our imaginary lives married to Ponch and John
- Planning my next slumber party...that would require a tent to sleep outside, if we were lucky.
- Playing...outside running around or riding our bikes was the preferred method, but we could make some seriously good messes in the house.

So, now, many years later (could my 20 year reunion possibly be coming up this year??) I'm back to a schoolgirl's lifestyle with my classes in the morning and a whole afternoon to do whatever I want! Sadly, the homework and the trip to the gym are higher on the priorty list now, but I'm thrilled to find that there's lots of time for play!!!

Amidst my books of joint military doctrine and international studies--which are all thrilling reading--I have a new copy of Ancient Modern by Ronna Sarvas Weltman. For those folks who aren't bead nerds, it's a gorgeous book featuring polymer clay and wire jewelry. There are fantastic pictures that demonstrate her techniques and her amazing use of color and texture and all the potential in a little block of clay!

The good student would probably read the book from cover to cover and focus on the instruction and methods. I took the Jen Judd approach and flipped through the pages in an hour or so, got really wound up about creating, and busted out my polymer clay supplies and tools!! I had the dining room transformed into a workshop in minutes! Oh, and I used it as an excuse to explore my new Michael's and get some new clay--can't live without black and white for some effect...that's a little influence from Ronna's book. haaaaaaaaaa

I kept my options limited in size and shape, otherwise I'd be there at the table all night. So, after three hours of playing around and experimenting, I ended up with a huge ball of ugly grey-brown clay as the result of some color blending forays! haaaaaaaa I spared you the picture of those.

I also ended up with these great colorful pieces! I played with color blends, spiral canes, pasta-machine-rolled designs, and just plain old rolling things around and seeing what happens!! I put them all in the little oven to cure and still had time for my snack and my homework! Mind you, the snack has to be Weight-Watcher friendly and the homework is 80 or so pages of reading--no CHiPs for me!!! haaaaaaaa

I'd like to dedicate this post my wonderful friend, Brandee, who took Ponch and let me be married to John. haaaaaaaaa

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