Sunday, August 30, 2009

Where'd you get that awesome bracelet??

Bracelets are some of my favorite projects. For the attention deficit designer, seven inches is just about enough! haaaaaaaaaaa

My lovely friend, Monica, posted this great picture on-line last week and then laughed when I didn't immediately notice the AWESOME bracelet she has on!! I love it!! One of my seven-inch wonders has made it primetime! Or, at least onto a great facebook account.
So, I figure it's about time to post some bracelets for sale in my Etsy can click on the link over on the right-hand side of my Jen Judd Rocks page and check them out in more detail!!
I love the combinations of colors and all those great beads that I just can't seem to live without!!

Go shopping and enjoy!! One of my bracelets would be perfect with some outfit you have...right?? haaaaaaaaa

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