Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Something Old...

for my WEDDING!!! haaaaaaaaa

Yes, my sweetie and I had an appointment at the Montgomery magistrate's office this week to make it official. I'm a wife!! And, I'm so excited!!!! We'll have a nice, big celebration for all our family and friends in 2011 when he gets back from deployment. But, for our initial pairing, we kept it small with a couple of friends from our old office as witnesses because they've watched our love affair develop among the cubicles from the very beginning!
But, since this blog is supposed to be focus on craftiness, I'm going to spare you all the dramatic pictures (even though I have to have a few of them because that's what new brides do) and chat about my sweet little earrings!

I didn't really borrow anything and there wasn't anything blue about the day but the gorgeous sky, but I really wanted to include a little something in my jewelry that was special so I went with old. I made up these pretties using some antique glass pearls that came from my Grammy Hine. I've had these in my collection to use for a special occasion and figured this is just about as special as it gets!

I used a kidney-bean shaped wire that I learned how to make from Jeanette Ryan, way back when in one of my earliest wire-working classes. I've always loved the design and how I could add a few little twists and swirls and make it different. Then, it was easy to balance out the design with these oldie goodies. I'm so glad I was able to make that connection to the ladies of my family for this special day!

Funny enough, my friend, Tara, who was there to witness the purely Alabama wedding, was wearing very similar earrings featuring a kidney shape and a pearl. So, I was actually in style abeen in style and didn't even know it!

So, while I'll keep rocking the world from the Jen Judd perspective...I'm signing off for today...Mrs. Jennifer Judd-Velasquez!!!!


  1. Oh how wonderful! I wish you both much happiness in your new life together! I really don't mind seeing more wedding pictures...hint hint!

  2. oh my gosh, Jenn! Congratulations!! I had no idea you found the love of your life. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

  3. Wishing you both a long and happy life together! How exciting! I second the "more wedding pictures :>) !!

  4. hello lovely, just fallen upon your blog whilst blog hopping all over the place and wanted to say congratulations to you and your new hubby :o) You both look gorgeous and I wish you lots of good times and happiness on your new and exciting journey together.

    take care
    Sue xx


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