Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Having a Strategy

"Strategy is the art of connecting aspirations with prudent plans and finite resources."

That's from something I read today for our first lesson. Did I have a strategy for my day? Was I limited in hours? Did I make prudent plans? Well, I didn't take a nap, so that was a good thing!

I sat down to bead tonight and considered the fact that I very infrequently have an actual strategy to my work sessions. Maybe that would help me be more productive? So, now I'm thinking of aspirations, plans, and resources.

What am I looking for in a beading project? I really like just spending time thinking about something that isn't part of my everyday rigamarole. When I'm thinking about color mixing, I'm not thinking about dieting, which is a wonderful thing! I also want an end product that I think is unique, gorgeous and fun while at the same time potentially pleasing to someone else who might be willing to spend money to have it in her collection. I'm aspiring towards learning new techniques, appreciating my pretty beads, and creating something.

The plan? I guess this could be anything from what will I do with this two hours at my table tonight to how will I prepare for my next show to where my business will grow in the coming years. Keeping it at the micro level, considering my last to hours, I actually had a plan to work with yellow. That's what I thought about all day, for some reason, so that's what I pulled out. I knew I wanted to make a necklace, but got wound up with all my beads that have been in storage for weeks! So, focus is a part of sticking to the plan, I guess! haaaaaaaa Here's the partial "plan" that I had working out on the table:

Who doesn't have limited resources? I don't think of it so much as just monetary business investment capability, but also my time. I only have a few hours a week to devote to most projects, so how does that play into my creative strategy? If I set out a schedule for myself, with goals for timing, that would probably help. Plus, I can't be afraid of making mistakes and wasting time or basic materials. That's how I learn my best lessons! Luckily, tonight wasn't an "ugly stuff" lesson night. I'm very pleased with this golden-hued mix of semi-precious stones, lampworked glass, Kazuri, shell, & clay.

I love it! And, there's still plenty of work left on the table to continue on to tomorrow...that's the plan, anyway! haaaaaaaaaaaa

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