Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dear Ma,

This post is for you!  I know you'll get it because you were the first one to subscribe to this blog years ago, just like you've always been the first one there subscribing to whatever my latest and greatest ideas happened to be.  I can't even tell you how much I appreciate knowing that you're always there.

Even though I've had these old photo albums here for months with no action, I was inspired this morning to do a little work in honor of Mother's day.  There are tons of great pictures in those books and among all that we've collected over the years so I just picked a few of them...

Here's one from a big day nearly 40 years ago when you first became a mom.  I'm glad you guys have those big smiles on your didn't realize what was in store!

1971 Jen's First Day

I may not be a piano player now, but being around music and creativity was definitely a wonderful thing and has led me to appreciate life so much more.  

1971 Jen Baby at Piano

You helped me figure out pretty early on it life that laughter is the key...even when seriously focused on riding a tricycle around Grammy's house.  

1971 Jen Baby on Tricycle

I think it's pretty cool that we look so much alike...and we laugh so much alike...and we sing-song so much alike.  It makes me happy and proud and even a little bit nostalgic.  :)  So, to head farther down that old-photo-album trail, let me share a few more from a little earlier on in life...

How about this one from the 50's?  See that baby girl?  It's you!  And that smile on Grammy Hine's face?  Uh, if that isn't the Hine laughing look then I don't know what is...

1950s Grammy and Carol

And since I can't represent Grammy without sharing a few of all the Hine kids, here's one from around the table.  I love that most of the pictures in the album seem to be from around the table because it just goes to show that we've always been focused on's apparently genetic.  haaaaaaaaaa

1950s Kids with Grammy Hine 2

Here's one from 1955 and your birthday.  Isn't Rob just the cutest?  If I'm not mistaken, I think that may even be another mother generation of your grandma with April on her lap.  Birthday parties are the best!

1950s Kids with Grammy Hine - June 1955

I could probably write more mushy and heartfelt stuff, but I'm actually not all that sentimental and I'm kinda hungry.  In your cheftastic honor, I got up and made a quiche for breakfast this morning and it's almost cool enough to eat.  I hope you love the pictures and have a wonderful day doing what you do best:  menu planning, walking, baking, and napping.  :)

Love you!


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your Mom, great pictures, thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

  2. I so enjoyed your beautiful tribute to your Mom and family. She must be a wonderful lady to have raised such a caring daughter as yourself.

  3. What a great tribute to the women in your life! I loved the photos!

  4. Jen..that was sooo sweet! You are right you and your mom look so much alike! She must be a wonderful person, she helped create you!

  5. What a beautiful post, love the old pictures, it had me smiling and reminiscing right along with you! Thanks for sharing!


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