Monday, May 16, 2011

Daycation in Colonial Williamsburg

Curt was here over the weekend and we had a great time together.  It's fun to just sit on the couch next to each other and chill out, eat cookies (Cooking light recipe, of course), and chat about life.  Since we spend time together so infrequently, it's always nice when we can just relax and enjoy without stressing out about things.  We both do that enough when we're not together!  haaaaaaaa  On Sunday we drove up to Williamsburg for the afternoon to find someplace new to eat and walk around the little downtown area.  We had lunch at The Blue Talon, which was wonderful, by the way.  But, more importantly for girl trying to lose weight, we walked around for about an hour.  I had my camera handy like any good tourist, so I snapped a few shots in one of the gardens (and then played around with them on Picnik)  Here are my faves:

First, the original that shows a lot of the colors in the garden (with a little saturation adjustment.)  I love the pattern inside the bellflowers of the foxglove...I'm going to have to search for some beads that are inspired by that pattern.  Let me know if you have any references of beads to honor this poisonous pretty!  (I just googled to make sure I was calling it the right thing and found out it's a poisonous plant.  I'm glad we didn't like any of them.  haaaaaaaaaa)

And after a little Picnik play, here's a close-up of the focal set with lots of adustments.  I love the energy of the color in this one!

Williamsburg's flowers

And then there was a big bumble bee.  I spent a good five minutes chasing it around the garden trying to get a decent shot without him moving.  Curt was cracking up as I kneeled down to get a shot and the crazy thing flew right towards my camera and scared me backwards with a little scream.  Too one was injured.  :)

I went to town on this one and have lots of other versions...I honestly don't know which one I like best!  The first one I spent a lot of time painting the background out into black and white...

Pink and bee After

Then, a little color changing magic...along with a few other filters to make this purple painterly version.

Pink and bee Purple

And then a little skinnier peachy version.

Pink and bee peach

Okay, I think the last one is probably my favorite.  It actually looks yummy to me...apparently it's time for a snack.


  1. I LOVE Williamsburg, I always wanted to work there as one of the women dressed in authentic colonial style maybe churning butter or making jam, or working the loom. Thanks for the up-close shots of one of our nations most beautiful treasures!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun Jen! I love the way you played with those photos of the floxglove - I used to have some in my yard, but I guess it wasn't liking my yard too much. They are beautiful though poinsonous. It's where the pharmacy world gets digitalis. Anyways, I think I will try and make some beads inspired by your photo!

  3. Love all the shots, thought the black and white was my favorite until i got to the painterly ones, WOW! I think Sue will do a good job, looks like some beads with frit to me!

  4. Awesome - love the new banner too :-)

  5. Jen, this sure brings back memories from when Randy was still in the Navy and we lived in Chesapeake. We went to Williamsburg, the two of us and the dogs ALL the time. We had a nice routine...picked up lunch at The Trellis (which is no longer The Trellis, sadly) and we always had a picnic in the big field by the stockades. I love strolling around the dusty and cobblestone streets of Williamsburg and we still drive down usually twice a year or so with the kids.
    Your flower pictures are just gorgeous!


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