Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BTW - Working with Art Beads

It's Bead Table Wednesday, so time to share what I have out on my bead table this week.  Since my AF job has become nearly overwhelming I've had scarce time to actually sit and create so this photo is from a few nights ago...the table hasn't changed, though, since then.

First off, a little play with Artisan Clay pendants for this month's design team.  They're lovely rich green and turquoise so I've been having fun matching things with them.  Kristie wrote a post about them this week on her blog.  I'm mixing them with some lampworked glass from Genea...those little striped sprees and some striped glass headpins.  She's getting ready to move her whole household so decided to have a little sale this week in her Etsy shop...if you're not a "bead" person and you're in the mood for jewelry, some of her original designs are on sale, too.
Artisan Clay Design work
Here's another view of the table...more art beads in the line up.  There are some Barbara Lewis enameled  beads over there on the right piled up with some of Juls' lampworked glass.  I think it's funny how the orange bead selection all got moved to the back of the table.  I was working on a piece inspired by Marcie's Margie & Me inspiration for the month but got frustrated with the simple stringing design I was trying.  So, moved it all over and got into the green!
Orange on the side
And the next color in line is blue to match up with some more Artisan Clay charms.  I pulled out lampworked hollow glass beads from Kay Bolden.  She's a local artist from Poquoson so I get my beads from my local bead shop but she has an Etsy shop, too.  The little turquoise & raku bits are from Maryse Thillens of GlassBeadArt.  There is a little set of lampworked rounds in there from SueBeads, too!  I recently reported to my husband that I've slimmed down my bead purchases...I realize this doesn't look like it, but there are all beads that I've gotten over months and months...nothing from May!  haaaaaaaaaa
More on the blue
The rest of my beady friends have laid bare their own bead tables for this regular Wednesday update and you can see them in the BTW flickr group!


  1. Love what you're working on! love the leather cording, and the colors are gorgeous! That wood piece is awesome, I have one of them somewhere in my studio.

  2. Great pictures and the colors are just so vibrant! I love all your box of goodies! I know the finished products will be just stunning!


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