Friday, May 13, 2011

Dandelions and Wacky Chunkies

It's always so funny to submit things to magazines because you have to do it so early that the seasons seem to be offset.  Back in November I had to get in the groove of April and May to meet the design deadlines.  Apparently it worked out because now that it's May, Bead Trends is out and there's a pretty little set all ready for the flowers and sunshine and rain showers (and pollen and stuffy nose....haaaaaaaa) that I'm proud to say I created!

November Jewelry 078

I know we're more in dandelion's yellow flowering time right now, but eventually those little fluff balls will be out.  This polymer clay bead captures the fluff's from Heather at Humblebeads.  I found a few available in her etsy shop if you're coveting.

November Jewelry 070

Those awesome lampworked glass disks are some of my faves from Heather (a different Heather) at HMB Studios.  She calls them "wacky chunky" and since I think of myself as kind of wacky chunky I have a huge collection of them as a sort of self tribute. haaaaaaaa 

She actually just posted this week that there are a bunch of new wacky chunky sets in her Etsy shop.

November Jewelry 073

In addition to the awesome art beads, the other thing I think is cool about this set is the fact that those little bone flower circles actually came from Michael's...and I'm sure I used a coupon so they were a super deal.  It's a good balance of more expensive handmade beads with some bargains.  I'm trying to get over being too much of a bead snob.  :)  


  1. Congratulations, Jen! That beautiful set is so deserving of publication.

  2. Awesoooooome! You are amazing, as is your design!

  3. Congratulations! And I love the comment about being a "bead snob". Cracked me up!

  4. The designs are amazing - the lamp-worked discs are stunning.



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