Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Heart Macro - Vintage Style

A few vintage blue beads from over at Bead Haven

The original blue beads

I like the original shot, but felt like playing a little more, so here are a few other versions:

Blue Beads

and this one...

Blue Beads 2

Thanks to Lori Waterstone and the rest of the "macro" can see more if you click here:

studio waterstone


  1. Jen, that last shot is incredible. getting into jewelry and beading is very much like getting sucked inot a vortex! perfect!

  2. Oh, these are wonderful! It is so much fun taking a picture and changing it up!

  3. What is it about beads that remind me of sugar and sweetness and candy. I could just eat up these photos!

  4. Great shot and I love what you did with them- what fun.

  5. Love that last shot - I agree - beads will suck you into their vortex :-)


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