Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Time for Work

I only have two minutes before I have to head to work.  I'm spending the week observing the commanders' spouses' course.  It's interesting since I am, technically, a graduated commander's spouse and my organization is the one who puts on the conference.  So, I'm taking lots of notes about all the odd things our briefers (speakers) are mentioning.  Coolest part is that I get to spend time with Dana & John...friends from many years ago.  He's going to command a squadron out in Phoenix, so she's in the course!  Whoo hooo!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Ah, reminds me of my former life. I do miss the days, at times, when my husband was still in the Navy!
    Cool picture of you there, Jen! I've been lovin' the new look of your blog and your banners!

  2. Have fun! Conferences can be fun, boring, or a mixture...I've sat through lots of them! I know your will be totally rocking!


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