Monday, February 28, 2011

Color Palette Blog Walk

Get strollin'. 

It's time for a walk through some blogs looking at color--which, by the way, I can pronounce correctly now thanks to the continued efforts of my friend, Jason, who I drove nuts prounouncing it "keller." 

Here's the story:  I found the blog of a lovely girl named Brandi who shares the inspiration of colors.  She has herself a little brandigirlblog.  While browsing through some of her wonderful posts, I kept seeing palettes.  That's a selection of colors that have been inspired or pulled from a photo or some other piece of work.  She's hosting her second blog walk to share lots of palettes inspired by lots of other folks, even some who aren't bead people, and I'm one of 'em!!

I have two palettes to share...both are inspired by a walk that I took a couple of weeks ago in Pittsburgh.  I had the most amazing Saturday afternoon wandering around the city with my camera and, even though I was feeling cold from the wind and it seemed like sort of a drab, cold, winter day, I saw tons of cool things that captured my attention enough to make me snap a pic.

Here's the first palette...I call it Reflecting in Pittsburgh.  It was late afternoon as I was walking down a street surrounded by high-rise buildings.  I looked up and saw this amazing reflection of one building in the windows at the top of another. 

The gorgeous blue sky looked even brighter in those mirrored windows.  The greens and yellows of the reflected building were refreshingly bright.  But, my favorite part was the movement and googlieness of the shapes.  It's all about regimented edges and sharp lines mixed perfectly with melted, flowing shapes.  I took about a dozen photos of this scene that was waaaay high up near the top of the building.  I had to crop quite a bit out of the pic, but I wanted to capture just this piece that looks like a painting to me.  It's all about coolness, freshness, fun, and flow. 

Now, on to my second palette of this walk. 

I saw a big Antique sign while in the Strip district and found myself browsing through some seriously awesome goodness at Mahla & Co. Antiques.  They're part of the 16:62 Design Zone.

In about two hours browsing through the shop, I was less focused on interior design, which is their mainstay, than taking photos of some of their great pieces.  I'll share more on another post sometime, but for now I'm headed in one direction.  A display of old toys caught my eye...especially this old box of crayons.  This shot of old craftiness is the inspiration for my second palette called "Antique Crayons."

I'm not usually a primary color kind of girl, but I love the blue and red of this palette and how the golden yellow makes the orange and green so rich.  The orange gets the biggest share of the palette because it's my favorite of the bunch.

So, now you've seen what I have to offer...please go check out the rest of the folks walking with me!  There's a group for each day of this week so you can spread the love on lots of links:

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  1. I love the photos and your color palettes. Great that you could get such a great photo on such a cold day, the lines on the building are just fantastic
    I hate to say I remember using fat crayons when I was little, goodness that must put me in the antique category too!!

  2. Oh, I really love that photo Jen. It reminds me of David Hockney's work - A bigger Grand Canyon. Ok, the images are not the same, but the concepts are similar - too cool!

  3. That first photo??? AMAZING and totally cool!!!! What a great eye to see that. Love the palette as well. and crayons...omg, crayons! I love crayons, and these ones are just too cool. And the palette is beautiful too! Great job!

  4. Jen, loved your color palettes!!! I think I gasped when I saw the antiques sign on the old brick the angle you got there! Those antique crayons are really cool...I can easily see why you were so inspired to snap photos in this antiques shop - and only 2 hours? That's not bad! :-)

  5. Gorgeous photos, Jen!! The reflections photo is awesome... and the color palette you got from it is lovely... colors I'd want in my home!

    The antique crayons are fabulous!! They make me feel like pulling out my own boxes of crayons and getting down to business making some drawings! Awesome palettes!!

  6. Blogger is messing with me today. I am not sure if my earlier comment made it through.
    You have an amazing eye for detail and color, Miss Jen! I love the artful way that you captured these photographs. I wish that there were antique malls like that where I live and people interested in going with me! Thanks for sharing your inspirations. I love your palettes.
    Enjoy the day!

  7. Jen, ohmigosh, these are fabulous!

    I'm totally drawn to both - the Reflecting palette is amazing. I love how rich the colors look, and I'm amazed at how you snapped the photo! The angles, the waviness of the glass - it's beautiful.

    And the Crayon palette? LOVE. I used to have a big tub of crayons in various states of use, so this took me right back to my childhood. Plus, I love seeing all the colors all at once.

    Thanks so much for playing along!!

  8. Beautiful photos and colour palettes! The top one looks like a painting, and I just love the last one.
    note to self: make beads in that colour palette.

  9. TOO cool, Jen! Pittsburgh is a great city when it's nice out!!!! :) I want in on the color walk next time!

  10. I love that reflections photo! Love love love it! Once upon a time I wanted to do a book called Reflections of Dallas (I used to live there) with photos like this. I love the abstract quality and the color and well, just everything. Awesome!

  11. Wonderful photos and palettes. That window shot is amazing. Oh, and the crayons! Just great. Don'tcha just want to go paint or make some beads! Love it!

  12. Love! The reflection picture is just so cool and I adore the crayon palette and picture!

  13. The picture with the antique crayons make me want to dig through my supplies and start drawing. Art supplies make antsy... I gotta get in the studio. I love the color palette... so rich!!

  14. AWESOME! You have a way with a camera, that much is obvious. The reflecting photo is amazing.


  15. Great photos. Love the reflections photo and the crayons palette.


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