Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tackling the Bead Stash for February...Think Chocolate

Think blue, too.

I was wandering around blog world this morning being super-productive. 
Operation Tackle that Bead Detash has the February mood board posted. 
It's yummy and pretty at the same time.

Then, instead of actually getting off the couch and making something out of the blues, turquoises and browns I have jamming my stash drawers, I kept wandering.

Ms. Brandi from brandigirlblog is hosting a second Color Palette blog walk. 
Since I didn't know much about the first one, I started clicking and clicking and found lots of tools to use to make palettes.
Thus, the last hour or so was spent at creating palettes and patterns and colors.  It's addicting.  I haven't even gotten up for more coffee.

Here's my pick for February.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! 
I'm off to spend the day at the Bead Haven.
I'm sure I'll be thinking of chocolate now all day. 
Luckily I have several boxes of Weight Watcher ice cream only two points a piece I can eat a whole box and not feel too guilty.  haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  1. I LOVE aqua (in case you didn't know), so I'm all over your palette! Glad to see you signed up, can't wait to see your other palettes!

  2. Perfect color palette; I have tons of turquoise I need to destash, and just found some coffee-colored glass beads they'd work with using this scheme. Hope you're enjoying your Sunday!

  3. Years ago, my grandmother painted her house chocolate brown with turquoise trim. It was smashing! I love your color palette, and I'm going to have to resist the urge to play...I need to get these lesson plans out!

  4. Oh, I love that color palette! It's the colors of most of my clothes. . . So lovely!

  5. LOVE these pictures! They are just gorgeous - what a stunning colour scheme!


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