Sunday, February 6, 2011

Frankie Blue Eyes

I don't often capture pics of my little scaredy kitty cat, Frankie, because he's a bit of an anxious fella.  When he heard the treat bag tonight, though, he was all about it!  I was able to capture this shot with lots of luck since he didn't run off as soon as the flashes started flickering.  He's such a little sweetie pie!
February Frankie

In the middle of the night, he screams like a baby and then runs around galloping in the kitchen like a little tiny pony making all kinds of noise.  He only lets me pet him if I'm laying in bed under the covers.  Apparently I'm less threatening when I'm snuggled up like that.  I adopted him ages ago from the Siamese Rescue.  He's a "flame" point with his orange color, but I'd rather call him "creamsicle" point because that's more descriptive.

I'll never forget the trip to his foster mom's house.  It was about an hour and a half away from where I lived in Northern Virginia.  Two of my mostest wonderfulest girlfriends were with me and we took a road trip to pick him up.  I knew he was going to be a bit timid, but the anxiety was over the top.  Let's just say that due to his bodily functions it was not a very pleasant trip home.  The smell of poo was almost overwhelming.  But, we made it home, cleaned him up and he went into hiding immediately. 

Since his earliest days of hiding, he's become a bit more social.  I've actually gotten him to sit with me on the couch (as long as I'm fully blanketed and don't make any sudden movements) a dozen times.  He's only bitten me once hard enough to cause a trip to the emergency room.  He really didn't want to go to the vet and I was a little bit frustrated--I actually flipped the bedsprings up off the frame to get him out from under the bed.  You'd have thought my house had been through some sort of monster storm after chasing him around for an hour.  We ended up having to cancel the vet appointment because I had to go sit for a few hours surrounded by sick kids at the local Army post hospital.  It was wonderful. 

How did I end up going down crummy kitty memory lane?  haaaaaaaaa  Back to the good ones...I'm going to get the treat bag out again.  They can celebrate Superbowl halftime with their tuna-flavored faves.


  1. He looks shy and very gentle in that picture. The Tiger hides within!! Love my kitty too, she is also shy but very demanding when it is time to eat or play or cuddle. She lets me know what she wants.

  2. Awww - what a cutie - it's tough when they are so scared of everything. I had a calico that was similar, but her grey and white litter sister was fine. Go figure.

  3. He's a sweetie! Hey I love your new blog banner....I do believe I recognize a few things!! Gorgeous!!

  4. so cute, that kitty is!
    And the new blog header photo is great!

  5. Isn't that amazing how different cats can be? Your little flame point reminds me of our flamepoint we called "Peachy." He was a lot like your kitty--shy and timid. All I can tell you to do to help him is eye-blink slowly at him and then look away. Then slowly turn your head in his direction and eye-blink slowly again. Do this a few times and he will relax. That slow eye-blinking is cat language for "It's all cool!"

  6. What a darling little face! I know it is frustrating when they are so very afraid - and you just want them to feel at home. I hope he will be able to get over his trauma.

  7. He's so beautiful! And all eyes for the treat bag. *lol* Great story about his rescue and all. Thanks for sharing.

  8. What a sweet face! Frankie is a beautiful cat - and lucky too to be rescued by you.
    I have a cat that I trapped as a kitten. She was feral and living in the blackberry bushes in an area that was going to be leveled. So I set a humane trap for her. The next morning when I came in to work, one of my gardeners told me that we had caught the kitten, but that she was so afriad, she had "turded" herself. Although I felt sorry for the kitten, I couldn't help laughing over that terminology. I brought her home and kept her in the house for a while to tame her down. We named her "Wicket", but she was so mischievious, we soon changed it to "Wicked". She especially loved to unroll the toilet paper in the bathroom.
    She's grown up now and very sweet, but prefers living outdoors and I'm the only one who she'll snuggle with on the front steps.


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