Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bead Table's Wednesday Blues

I didn't even realize it was Wednesday.  I had a question about it this morning and the only thing that made me realize the day was the tomato soup stain on my uniform shirt.  See, on Monday we wear blues, so I must've had that shirt on at least one day prior to today, so it has to be at least Wednesday and since I know Top Chef wasn't on yet, then I figured out it actually is the middle of the week.  Luckily I figured it out before the 0830 staff meeting in my office--that I'm supposed to lead!  haaaaaaaaaaaa

So, now that's it's the second day of a new month, I figure it's time for me to choose a new color for the blog.  It was easy this month because I took a clue from Judy, my BSBP partner.  She sent me the most amazing blues in my soup treat box.  So, BLUE it is!!  I'm wearing my Bedford Bisons Thundering Herd hoodie sweatshirt, in honor of my cutie nephews, paired with an awesome set of genuine Bedford High School Phys Ed shorts.  All in blue and white!  And I'm drinking a Miller from a blue can, looking at my kitties' blue eyes, resting my feet on my a blue pillow from my old favorite couch that I don't have any more.  More important than all of those things are what's on my scope on this Bead Table Wednesday..., wire & beads!!

There are a few different artists represented in this stack:
- Sue Kennedy at SueBeads - the long enameled beads in a gorgeous shade of blue.  Mind you, I bought a few of her latest glass-tipped headpins this morning before finishing my first cup of coffee.
- Brendan Blake at bbglassart - the little boro bead on the right
- Blueseraphim - funky blue rounds that I actually won in an Art Bead Scene challenge last year.
- There's a hollow blue pretty that I got from a blogging bud, Amy, at Copper Diem when we decided to swap some goodness last month.
- And, finally, all those coiled bunches of wire are all inspired by my class last year with Kerry Bogart, the princess of twisting.

So, I'm all in the blues this month...and that's not just the horribly uncomfortable sweater I wear on Mondays!  It's the inspiration of calmness, beauty, and the excitement of seeing loved ones like a husband who's coming home or a favorite 80's rock idol...Curtis vs. Richie Sambora.  It's a rough one!  haaaaaaaaaaa


  1. I like blues...I like pretty blues...

    And I would have to choose Richie Sambora over your husband. Sorry. I might even have to choose Richie Sambora over my husband. *grins at you* And that depends on the situation, of course. LOL

  2. love all those blues! glad you liked the hollow! Love those squiggly blue beads - who made those?

  3. it's a small bead world, I have Sue Beads in both of the projects I'm working on in my BTW shots!


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