Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thinking about September Already? It's an ArtBLISS thing!

First off, I have to call out two great ladies I'm happy to call teachers, mentors, and friends:   Cindy Wimmer & Jeanette Ryan.  Jeanette gave me my very first wire lessons!  It feels like forever ago, but it's just been a couple of years.  She and Cindy are on the forefront of bringing new learning opportunities for jewelry and mixed-media artists to the DC area.  And, their latest announcement is a big one!!!

It's all about ArtBLISS!

The brand new ArtBLISS website has all the details on upcoming workshops including the Inaugural Event coming up in September in Washington, DC.  I'm so glad I'll be back close to the area so I can get my jewelry-making bead nerd on with these fantastic ladies and the full agenda of amazing instructors they've put together!!  Whoo hoo!

But, for now, it's Sunday evening and the only blissful thing I get to do is fold laundry.  I tried to bliss out by removing paint from an old dresser, but it didn't go all that well, so I'll have to try more paint-removing bliss tomorrow after class.  Lovely.

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  1. So are you coming up and taking any of the ArtBliss classes? You have a free place to stay :-) I just figured out that one of greg's squadron mate's wife is a big beader - she might sign up for some of it too!


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