Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Peek: ABS Design Team

With the re-vamped look of the Art Bead Scene, there's also a new feature called the ABS Design Team Challenge.  I was honored and blessed to get an invite from editor Heather Powers to participate in the first group!  I'm so thrilled!  Of course I'm not done yet, but wanted to share just a bit since I got some of her lovely nature-inspired beads to work with.

Just to get a taste of the sweetness, here's a photo of the goods from Heather's Mother's Day post on her Humblebeads Blog. 

I've got a few ideas jumbling around in my head and I think bezels and resin are going to play a part in the end result...but they're still a work in progress...this is the scene from my dining room table last night.  Wish me luck with the ICE resin!

I had a blast searching through old buttons, my grammy's pins, some dried flowers and sticks from around the house, old wallpaper from my childhood home...I want to try a variety of things so we'll see what happens and what works best with my Humblebead treats.  And, if none of them work, well then onto another idea!  haaaaaaaaa


  1. jen, these beads from heather are gorgeous! i'll be at hampton. i'll look for you. this is my first one and i'll only be there for a class on thursday. i don'tknow what to expect ... but i'm sure it will be great!

  2. too cool that you were asked to participate...have fun with this, I can't wait to see what you come up with:)


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