Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ciao Bella!

With all of the packing going on in my house, I've been looking at all my Italian art and photos with lots of fresh appreciation...and an amazement that everything fits in a moving van!  haaaaaaaaa  I was stationed in Northern Italy for a couple of years and visited Venice many, many times...thank goodness it was before my bead hoarding trends started.  Oh, I have plenty of unique and funky jewelry from little shops all over Venice and Florence, but only a handful of Italian beads secreted away in my bead drawers.  So, when Artbeads offered me the huge glass bead selection to pick from, I went right for the Zanfirico Venetian beads for my summer blog partner adventure.  I couldn't resist this pair in baby blues and gold...a color combination that truly reminds me of the streets of Venice.

I made them my own with some baby blue wire coils, vintage lucite, and gold & silver accents.  Plus, it's finished off with a little turquoise-y blue leather.

And since I'm in total set mode...I couldn't just make the necklace.  The whole set is out in my Etsy shop.  :)

And, here's a little memory for my sweetie friend, Alicia, who just came back from an Italian vacation.  This was a road trip we took to Val Gardena back in 2003.

The Zanfirico Venetian beads used in the previous post, specifically referenced as from ArtBeads.com were provided as promotional gifts by for review or design partnership purposes.


  1. Love the set above and you are correct, it does remind you of Venice! I visited Venice and Florence when I was a child and I would love to go back to Venice as an adult. I would love to go to Murano and see the glass artists at work.
    Good luck on your move, that is the one thing I don't miss while I was in the Army.

  2. That is beautiful! I love how the light plays with the textures and how the colors seem to flow. It does remind me of Italy!

  3. I love the way you have used the two round Venetian beads, so many shapes, sizes and colors and they all go so well together. Beautiful! Wouldn't you like to return to Venice, now that you have started hoarding beads?

  4. The colors in the sets above are fabulous!! I love the transparency of the aqua beads with the gold beads. Nice, very nice!!

  5. Fabulous beads and yes, the gold really does capture that Venice light. Really nice work. Now I'M going to find out more about these Zanfirico Venetian beads!


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