Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"I need a 'wow' piece for a lime-green dress."

First, off, many thanks to my friend, Stella, who hosted a little show for me the other day out by her pool.  I probably ate most of the cheese and drank most of the wine, but I also had a great time feeling the love of my friends for my jewels.  And, yes, Stella is one of those girls in the picture that I posted the other day so we've known each other a loooooong time.  haaaaaaa  Somehow, though, we haven't aged a bit...isn't that perfect?  haaaaaaaaaa

Okay, then, onto the business of this post.  One of the girls at the party the other night is specifically in the market for a special piece to go with a simple, summery lime green dress.  So, I told her I'd take the challenge.  She's going to her hometown in week for big family graduation parties and wants to have something that everyone will ogle.  That's some pressure, but I love working with green so I sat down last night right away to work it.  I opened up my "special glass" drawer and right away saw this kick-ass focal from Donna Millard.  (By the way, she is killin' me with the new beads...they have to be my latest faves.)

And the rest of the piece worked itself out from there...
- Funky blue jasper faceted nuggets
- Vintage turquoise lucite rounds
- Smooth onyx nuggets
- Lime green pearls & South American beans

And since everything was there on the table, there's a bracelet and little earrings to complete the set...

Cross your fingers for me...I hope this is "wow" enough for her!!!

***Post update from a week later...she LOVED the whole set!!!  :)


  1. Wow! This is AWESOME Jen! Thank-you and I hope your friend loves this!!!

    Donna xx

  2. That's 'WOW' enough for me! And if she doesn't like it....you can drop it by my house next time you're in VA! ;)

  3. If it's not wow enough for her, I am sure that it will be wow enough for someone else! Great set! Enjoy the day! Erin

  4. I think it's perfect!! Love how you added the turquoise, blends perfectly while making the green "POP"! It's beautiful!!!

  5. Well, yaaa! That's definitely WOW enough. Gorgeous!

  6. Awesome! What a gorgeous piece! LOVE IT!

  7. Geez, that IS a show-stopper if I ever saw one!


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