Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bead Soup: Hey Cindy!!

I'm pleased to announce that my partner in Bead Souping for this second round of bead nerd debauchery is Cindy Dolezal. Cindy's a clay bead artist who makes some seriously lovely nature-inspired pieces.  I can't wait to actually get a piece for myself.  She posted earlier this week about "agonizing" over choosing just the right thing for the swap.  There are only a few parameters...include a clasp, a focal, and some coordinating beads.  And, as Cindy found, it can be harder than you think!  We "stalked" each other's blogs and websites looking for insight into style and taste...from there, it's time to "shop" through our stashes to see what we can share.

I had a great time with my partner during the inaugural BSBP (Bead Soup Blog Party...I have to use acronyms because I am in the military and that's how we talk).  Julie Nordine of Credit River Art Glass posted a teaser photo of my pending challenge set using a little photoshoppery to hide the details. 

I love that idea, so to Cindy, here are your goodies!!  They're in the mail.  :)

I'd be remiss if I didn't send some love out to the BSBP Hostess, Ms. Lori Anderson, at her Pretty Things blog where you can find a complete list of all bazillion (okay, only 97) bead nerds/partiers.

Once I get my goodies from Cindy, I'll keep ya'll posted with my progress, but you'll have to wait for the big reveal of all the party aftermath in the BSBPH (Bead Soup Blog Party Hop...haaaaaaaaa) starting on 19 June.  I'll be rocking that party from my new apartment in Hampton, Virginia!  Wish me luck with that cross-country move!  haaaaaaaaa


  1. Oh my Gosh!! You ARE a tease!!! I'm guessing that fabulous clasp is silver? And ribbon? I can't wait to ROCK this challenge.

  2. I love that photo, what a creative way to make the sneak peek sneakier!! I love playing with the filters in Adobe. Wish I had thought of that! Bravo!


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