Monday, February 8, 2010


Just what I needed this morning...Sunshine!

So, many thanks to my beadbud over at JBirds Garden for the sunshine this morning! It's my turn to pass along this little thank you for good blogness to a few of my faves...

- Credit River Art Glass - Julie's my Bead Soup Party Partner (the big reveal is in just two days!!)
- HMB Studios - Heather has been seriously snowed on this week!
- Purple Cactus Studios - Some of my new FAVE polymer clay work!!
- Pearl & Pebble - A new friend I met through the Beads of Clay color challenge...
- La Bella Joya - Marcie, another new friend I've found through the Art Bead Scene Carnival!

I think I was supposed to pass this along to 12, but just like anything, I'm happy to settle for finishing part of the project! haaaaaaaaaa

Here are the rules...
1. Put the logo on your blog or within your post
2. Pass the award on to 12 bloggers (or however many you want! haaaaaaaa)
3. Link the nominees within your post
4. Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award

Happy Monday!!!


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