Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Binders

Happy Valentine's Day! My sweetie lives off in another state...soon to be living off in another I'm spending the day with some of my other loves: beads, wire, books, crazy home improvement television, paper flowers, fat kitty cats, skinny kitty cats, and coffee with coconut creamer. But, here's a shout out to my honey...a little love from our special day last August. :)

Anyway, back from my little romance moment...I was looking for some heart designs for an earring request that I have to do today, so I went to my special binders and had a delightful experience reminiscing through great projects. See, this is what happens...I get tons of jewelry magazines and have been reading them for years. Well, I have the kind of job that requires me to move my entire household frequently, so I can't just keep stacks and stacks of magazines. So, I go through them and tear out anything I think is interesting...color, design, technique, sales advice, technical references, whatever. Then, I sort these random pages into binders with page protectors holding them all. This morning I pulled out the "Wire" book since I knew there were probably some heart shaped wires in there. Lo' and behold, it was like a scrapbook of my Bead Soup Party friends! Too funny! For instance, here's the hostess, Lori Anderson, in a 2008 project....

I just thought it was so cool that I had to, now I'm going to look through all the binders for some fresh inspiration and ideas!! But, not until after this nutty HGTV show is over because I have to see the end now that I started it. haaaaaaaaaaaa

Happy hearts to all!!!



  1. Such a sweet wedding picture. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.... coconut creamer. :o) I like your binder idea, Jen... I just tossed out a gazillion magazines trying to organize my space... held onto the jewelry ones, though... would be nice to pull out just the stuff I want to keep & lose the rest of the bulk.

    How cool for Lori! (& what a beautiful piece!) I so need to look into getting some stuff submitted!


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