Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Hey, this is what I do."

There are a lot of different roles a girl can have: wife, cat-mom, jewelry designer, coffee drinker, craft addict, or Air Force officer. But, if you ask me, there's room for all of them. It just takes a little bit of work to get the balance right. I'm not saying I'm actually doing it perfectly, but I've been able to do lots of things I love all while serving my country.

So, here's the story. Last summer I was out on a Friday night at happy hour at a bar in Alexandria, Virginia celebrating one of my pieces being published in Stringing. I also happened to be in uniform since I was on my way home from work on the Air Staff. Well, there was a writer from the Army Times sitting next to me and she got caught up in my celebration; we exchanged business cards and that was that. Or so I thought. She contacted me a couple of weeks later to ask if I'd be interested in sharing my story about my part-time business in her company's new publication called "The Edge."

Several months later, after I moved from Virginia to Alabama, I got a call from the interviewer and we spent about an hour chatting about my business ventures. Then, a local photographer came over to my house to do a full-up photo shoot. It was hilarious! I had so much fun!

Cut to a couple more months later...I get an email at work from an old boss who has seen my picture in the magazine, which comes free once a month with subscriptions to Air Force Times. I ran over to the library to find a copy, I ask if I can have it, then run back to my classroom where my 12 classmates are wondering what I'm all wound up about now. I hand it to one of my buds and he starts to read...

"It took a lousy love life..." I start laughing hysterically thinking that he's joking. But, no, the article, which is a feature about three different people who "moonlight" at other jobs, actually says that about me! A lousy love life! haaaaaaaaaaa I was dying laughing!! When I did the interview, I was being pretty flippant about how the dating scene in D.C. was such a wreck I didn't really want to waste any more time on it so I started being more productive doing something that was actually rewarding, making jewelry. Apparently, that stuck in his mind.

Plus, the other great quote he picked up on is, "hey, this is what I do." That's exactly how I tell my supervisors and co-workers that I have an arts and craft business. haaaaaaaaaa Can you imagine?! Yes, I'm a little outspoken, but I'm not crazy! haaaaaaaaaa

Anyway, if you want to check out the article, it's here...Military Times article. At least the picture's pretty good...

And, I'm thankful for that lousy love life that settled me down into crafting and helped me realize that the love of my life was sitting in the cubicle right next to me, patiently listening to all my crazy dating stories, and waiting for just the right moment to sweep me off my feet. :) Take note that in the magazine picture there's a photo from our wedding day. haaaaaaaaaa I get to see him tomorrow! I'm so excited!!!! Because, "Hey, this is what I do!" haaaaaaaaaa


  1. Congrats on the write up~ what a cool story!

    Have fun this week! Don't speed (but the pilot can), wear your seatbelt (when the safety belt light is lit)and if you get sleepy pull over (or snag a germ infested pillow from the attendant before they start charging EIGHT DOLLARS RENT on them in March).

    Wheee! I've turned into my Nana.

    Looking forward to meeting you next weekend!

  2. Just a great story! The picture is are lucky you are doing what you love.

  3. Jen, what a great story. And to see your sweetie tomorrow. Even more fantastic. Enjoy your time together.

  4. Congratulations on doing what you love and having the love of your life!

  5. Congratulations on the article..even if the guy misunderstood your take on dating..maybe HE had issues..haha..the photo is great.
    and it's a wonderful story.

  6. Fabulous photo! Are you wearing Chico's? I love their clothes! Off to read the article and congratulations on your star feature!

  7. Congratulations, Jen. Very cool experience! Hope you're having a wonderful time w/ Mr. Cutiepie.

  8. What a great story! I'm sure you inspired a lot of other people to follow their bliss.

  9. What fun! Congrats on your feature!
    And I guess you already met up with your man, Awesome!

  10. Just stopped in to see how you are doing. Sounds as though you are having a great time beading, working and living! Enjoy a creative new year!


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