Friday, February 12, 2010


I have a snow day from school today! I peeked out from under the covers this morning to see if it was snowing and then jumped up like a five-year old and ran to see the flakes falling! Whoo hoo!! My friend, Jeff, who's in Florida (75 and sunny) for the weekend called this morning to see how the weather really was...I told him my plans for the next four days (yep, it's a holiday weekend, too) and he called it a "Craftmageddon!" What a perfect word!!!
So, I'm in the groove...all the supplies are coming out: paper, punches, pens, pencils, fibers, fringes, inks, whatever! I'm on it!
I went punch happy with the flowers...
Some Cocolicious cards in honor of my girl!!!
Plus, I'm gonna practice on my minitorch today, too. Wish me luck with that...I had a near fire yesterday with just a toaster and an English muffin!! haaaaaaaaaaaa


  1. How fun! Toasters are dangerous. Torches are fun.

  2. Craftmageddon - I like the sound of that! Looks like you were really having alot of fun!

  3. OOOOOOOH! Gimme all that!

    Whatcha torchin? Wanna come south and make some beads? :D


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