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It's a Carnival Bead Giveaway!!

It's officially Art Bead Scene Carnival time so as promised on my Beginnings post a few days ago, it's time for a bit of a giveaway! No cotton candy or free ride tickets here, but I do have some great glass beads to share. Lisa New's beads helped start my passion for handmade glass, so I want to give a little of that fun to you!

There are four different sets, so there'll be four different winners....

And, not only are there Lisa's beads, I've rounded out the selections with some bits from HMB Studios, Linden Avenue Designs, and Blue Heeler Glass. There's also a really cool ceramic bead (the big blue one) that I got from a guy at a craft show in North Carolina and I don't know his name because he talked so much I couldn't ask! haaaaaaaaa

How can you get some of these goodies? All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me who your favorite bead artists are...and if you are a bead artist, then make sure you share the love! Feel free to include links to websites or etsy shops of the beads you love...or that you make yourself!!

I'll randomly select four names from my commentators, so if you don't have a blog, please leave your address so I can track you down to send you the goods. Plus, if you blog about my Carnival giveaway, leave me a comment and I'll give you another shot in the drawing!

I'll draw numbers on Sunday, 20 February (I meant the 21st...haaaaaaaa nice, it took a week for someone to realize I don't have a calendar!! haaaaaa)...enjoy the Carnival!!!


  1. Oh man, my favorites? - pewter - pewter - ceramic - mixed media - love the houses - my favorite leaves - ceramic
    Elaine Ray - - ceramic - ceramic - lampwork - lampwork

    Well these are my top ten, the list goes on and on!

  2. Super generous give away! Posted about it on my blog. Be back later with my list. Thanks so much!!

  3. Here's my favorites: - awesome designer!

    I'll stop there. There's so many more.
    These are who I keep going back to.

    Debbie Schueler
    3224 Granger Ave E
    Unit M6
    Billings, MT 59102

  4. Hey, Jen! I posted about your giveaway on my blog. I have to think about narrowing down my list of favorite bead artists, so I'll come back later and post about that.

  5. Hi Jen, Cool giveaway, please enter me! Here are my faves, although there are many more!


  7. OMG! too many to list, but one of my most favorites lately is Mika Collins

  8. I'm back to list just a small sampling of some favorites:

    Gail Crosman Moore:
    Karen Lewis:
    Julie Nordine:

  9. Thanks for sharing the love!
    I would have to concur with every single name I have seen (and I will check out the few I don't know).
    I just discovered someone new that I am working with on a big custom order. Her name is Alona from Israel and her Etsy site is - clay pendants
    Also, I would add... - funky skulls and faces - handstamped lovelies - Beth Hemmila silver charms - Christine Damm and her amazing polymer clay - beautiful glass - lovely porcelain

    Great idea Jen! Will you be listing all these awesome resources in one place? Enjoy the day! Erin

  10. Oh Boy! What a great giveaway!

    Some of my favorites.... Though I do like my own beads as well ;-) ~~She is a serious favorite!
    and lisa Stevens

    Maybe it's because they are so sweet as well as talented!

  11. There so many talented people out there. Some of my favs are: - Beth Hemmila - Kristie Roehder - Kelly Wenzel - pewter - mixed media

  12. Jen, when I saw these gorgeous beads on Doreen's site, I got so excited. I love Lisa's work and I've seen you work wonders with them. So, here are my favorites ... but I did put myself last on the list!

  13. this has been a blast. I've been looking through the bead soup reveals and never dreamed there were so many bead artist out there. Adrianne Campbell is one of my favorites. She is in Kansas City. I love these beads.

  14. One lady that I just can't get enough of is Norma Brink. Her lampwork has incredible depth. She is on Etsy and ebay so check her out.

  15. Oh my, those are some beautiful beads! I have so many favorites when it comes to lampwork artists..Gosh, lets see..Kristina Logan, Stephanie Sersich, Heather Trimlett..z-beads..I also love Kerry's beads with Cab's Creative Concepts..Michael Barley..Anastasia, are just a few..the list goes on and on...I am drawing a blank..but there are so many that I have not even listed..

  16. Your beads are so beautiful and FUN!! I love lampwork beads... just a few of my fave beadmakers include:
    Charleston Beadworks,
    Patti Lakinsmith,
    Boomwire (no longer on Etsy, sadly)
    Lisa Fletcher,
    Polychrome Beads,

    There are so many more... I met several at Tucson last year including Patty Larkin and a wonderful woman from Hawaii (Jirvil) who makes amazing, delicate flower designs. *swoon*

  17. Lydia Muel is my alltime favorite:

    The beads that you have for a giveaway are wonderful!

    We are having a giveaway at my blog and That Creative Place blog (the link is on my site) since we missed the deadline for OWOH. So come on over!

  18. Great giveaway and beautiful prizes! Let's see, there are so many that I like....

    Blue Seraphim
    Lydia Muel
    Kelly's Beads
    Heather Powers
    Green Girl
    Lynn Davis
    HMB Studios
    Glass Weaver
    Twinstar (ebay)

    I'm sure there are so many talented bead artists that I have not named......

  19. Wow, what a generous giveaway! Thank you

    My favorite bead artists are:
    Gardanne Beads
    Blue Seraphim
    Crazy Cat Glass
    Green Girl Studios

    I'm headed to my blog now to post about your giveaway!

  20. Hi Jen and fellow ABS Blogger. Beautiful giveaway there, they all look luscious! There are so many fab bead artists out there that each have a very distinct style it is hard to limit to a list. But I am off to blog about your giveaway and will be back later to give you a link and confirm it and also try to come up with a 'short list' of my favs. I myself (I hate self promo but you said to) have been making beads for about 5 years now and recently, last year opens a shop on etsy to sell some as they were exceeding my time to make jewelry pieces with them. if anyone is interested. I've more in the works for spring too.

  21. That is a long list!! I guess my very favorites would be {that's mine}

    There are more of course but I think that is a good start


  22. Those are some AWESOME beads. I love to see beautiful work. As to favorites, off the top of my head I'll say StudioARTBEAD.


  23. Aw, thanks Marilyn!

    I just came back over to tell Jenn I blogged about your giveaway, here

    And here's a list to add to the other great ones here so far, - Great Lampwork cool carved wood and shell beads - Exquisite hand made silver beads each one with a story great porcelain beads and components. Love her chicklets

    cynthia Toops
    Both fabulous PC bead makers

    Jeremy Sinkus lovely organic forms

    and Martha Proctor Beautiful beads remind me of miniature Chihuly's

    Hope that gives some new ones to add to your lists! :)


    and so many more than I could name!

  25. Some favorites...

  26. This list of artists is amazing!!!! I am a shopping fool! Plus, Erin had a great suggestion, so I'm going to be putting a list together. I may break it up into categories by types so I can spread the love. I'm off to do some shoppy clicking!!! Thanks to all!!

  27. Some of my favorites are: (that is my work, ceramic beads) (Stephanie Sersich) (Michele Goldstein) (Andrea Grassl)

  28. I just had to come back to gasp some more! :-)

  29. Some of my favorites bead artists are:

    Oh wow! Way more than I planned on listing, so I better stop:-)

  30. Oh wow ya know, I read the post a few days ago and have been thinking How can I list ALL of my beloveds' creators???? I guess I am still feeling the love for my Bead Soup partner's "offspring" and name Earthenwood Studio as one of my favorites! (

  31. Thanks for including me in your lists you guys :)

    A lot of my favourites are already mentioned...Pinocean being a particular favourite at the moment! We've just traded some porcelain pieces for a whole load of tiny, perfect lampwork beads...can't wait to use them!
    LisaPetersArt, HumbleBeads, Malodora, ArtisanClay....the links all in earlier posts
    So many beautiful beads...i could be here forever! lol

  32. What a wonderful giveaway! I think I love all handmade beads and of course as a ceramic bead artist myself, I'm partial to porcelain and stoneware :)
    All my buddies have been listed above and in the non-ceramic category I think the charms by Hint are spectacular!

  33. Lisa, Thanks for the Love. What a wonderful resource of amazing artists in this thread. Wow! Don't forget Harold Williams Cooney, Andrew Brown, Margaret Zinzer, Emiko, so many... hurts brain...

  34. Since I don't think you've done the draw... Not sure if the Sunday or the feb 20 is the signifcant date! my favorite artists are
    Sarah Moran Z-beads
    Leah Fairbanks gardens of glass
    & Kate Fowle

    I'd love to win some of your beads!

    Thanks Lynne

  35. I would have to say my favourite bead artist is my sister-in-law :) Kate Ward -

    Her work is wonderful and getting better all the time :)


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