Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fave Artist Resources - Polymer Clay

It's #4 of 5 in the resource listing extravaganza from last week's giveaway. This one's focused on polymer clay...this is one medium I can actually handle. Mind you, I'm a novice, but it's still such a fun material to work with. Most of the links are shops but some are just for inspiration! I don't intend to generalize an artist into a particular category, but had to make a few choices just to make it easier--so, feel free to explore and see all the cool things these artists have to offer! Most importantly, they're not listed in any particular order...go see them all!

Polymer Clay - Kate Christine Damm - Cyndi Styles - Heather Powers - Malodora - Karen Lewis - Sharon Palac - Andrea Beeler - Grant Diffendaffer
Plus, check out work by Cynthia Toops

Hope you can find some good stuff!



  1. Thanks for posting these great lists!Truly some wonderful artists!

  2. Thanks Jenn! I love Cynthia Toops art, her work was my greatest inspiration when I started out in clay.

  3. Wow! what a fabulous list of resources you have compiled! I'll have to refer back to this.

  4. Thank you for posting my work, Jen! I'll have to check out these talented artist's work!

  5. Good job with the collages, Jenn! The artists' work look fabulous together - such a talented group of artists!

  6. Thanks, ladies! I just got the black and white beads in the mail and they are phenomenal! So unique!


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