Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Things that are Awesome

- A new white shower curtain liner that replaces the one that I tried washing twice but couldn't get the soapy pinky stuff off.
- The exterminator folks who called me today to let me know that they thought the huge payment I sent to them by accident while paying bills after three beers was wrong; now they're giving me a discount and sending me a refund.
- Chocolate in the candy jar in the front office while waiting for the boss to show up for a meeting that was on her calendar but for which she is 25 minutes late. 
- Early morning on-line iPad shopping.  Now I just need to pick a cover.
- Marshmellow goggles and crumb-y lips after winning Yahtzee by over 300 points.
- Crazy bruises on my arm that look like I got attacked by an alien in the middle of the night and are, apparently, nothing but bruises even though they showed up for no apparent reason.
- Brined chicken cooked by my brother-in-law on the huge new rotisserie grill.  I'm so glad I claimed all the leftovers!
- Random gifts from friends that show up in huge boxes that are hard to carry up to the apartment but end up being wonderful adventures in gift-opening.
- Successfully using my paper beads in a design.
- Jackhammer noise that's constant outside my workaday window...the wind tunnel is almost gone so the noise and dust and burning smell may stop soon.
- White grape Crystal light...but only if it's mixed just right with two little bottle packs in a full-sized Pampered Chef mix'n'stir pitcher.

- "Modern Girl" pink nail polish with just the right hint of glitter.

- Cat breath right in my face first thing in the morning.
- My mom in the kitchen.
- Jigsaw puzzles...but not the one on my table right now because there's too much of it that looks like wood so it took a long time to figure out.
- Rugs from faraway lands.
- Daily challenges dealing with the indecision of leaders who only focus on money and issues inside the beltway and don't give a damn about the people those indecisions affect.
- Being reminded by your mother that when you were little you thought marshmellows came from a plant.
- Turning marshmellow goggles into a perfect smore and then actually getting a good picture of it.

- Snuggling on the couch under my very favorite blanket that I got as a birthday gift in 1989 from my aunt and uncle while on a band trip to Europe.
- Cats who let you clean their ears and cut their nails and give them allergy shots all in one sitting.
- Troops who take care of business even when it's not fun.
- Cool fonts. 
- Blogging.


  1. Wow, these are all awesome things! Some, more than others ;)

  2. Your list is awesome! (the s'mores look yummy!)

  3. That's funny, I also have a favorite blanket from 1989. It was a wedding gift and is peach colored (all the rage at that time) and just wraps me in yummy warmth. Kinda like those s'mores pics are doing right now! Love the pic of your mom, and my boys are thrilled over the deconstruction pic!

  4. Those are awesome things! And i love marshmallows!

  5. Definitely awesomeness. And the pictures you take are amazing. What are marshmallow goggles?

  6. Love your list of awesomeness! Especially, the awesome pic of the smore! Yummy!!!!

  7. I went through the entire post.. Its really enjoyable..
    Especially the picture of smore was great..


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