Sunday, October 2, 2011

Macro Sunday

Curt and I went to the Newport News Fall Folklife Festival yesterday.  In the midst of craft booths, funnel cakes, and muddy walkways Curt saw this really cool fungus among us.  It's kind of gross and kind of beautiful all at the same time, so that's my close-up shot for this week's I Heart Macro Sunday post.
The follow-on activity from any fall festival is the cozy couch boys have perfected their napping skills.... 
And this photo was an accident from yesterday when my friend, Jeff, was trying to explain white balance and I got tired of listening...cracks me up because I apparently look like this most of the time. 
Hop on over to Studio Waterstone to see the latest up-close interpretations of life...
studio waterstone


  1. love your photos, and the nap one is so cozy, the one of you made me laugh...I get that same look when I realized I asked my husband a question that will take an hour to answer :)

  2. The fungus shot is so cool! Love the texture! Love the shot of yourself. I apparently have a similar look when my husband is explaining computer stuff to me.

    Have a great week!

  3. Love that fungus shot! The textures in it are lovely :) And yep, I know the look in that last shot way to well ;)

  4. The fungus is incredible. Love its texture and coloring. I get that same look when its deerhunting season. My husband says my eyes glass over and I look like I want to run. Trust me, I do!!

  5. Great shots! I think we all get that look over something, lol!!!

  6. It was SO COOL meeting your husband at ArtBliss -- and I love your photos!

  7. I don't think the mushrooms are gross at all. They're so cool! As far as your picture. . .too funny!

  8. I like the mushroom photo, but the photo of you is PRICELESS! Love it!

  9. Your kitty looks like he has had a hard life but he is heaven now. Great pics!


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