Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Soviets Vs. The Soup

I'm torn. I have a two-page paper to write about the Soviet Afghan War book I just read (or sort of skimmed) but I also received my lovely bead soup from Julie! What's a girl to do??? The paper's not due until tomorrow...and it's ONLY two pages!!! haaaaaaaaaa

So, the soup wins! Check out this phenomenal set of artwork from Julie Nordine's Credit River Art Glass. It's so classy and gorgeous and textured and pretty and original and fun...I am so excited! I'm honored to be able to work with such great pieces! That focal alone...aren't you all coveting?!! haaaaaaaaaaaa

So, as Julie wrote in her post about receiving my soup, we're both in for a challenge. These lovely subdued colors are going to be a joy to work with, but certainly not something I'm used to. :) Plus, I am loving the copper! I am ready to channel my friend Jeannette Blix (another bead partier) who first started me on metal...I'm going to get my hammer out and see what happens! I'm generally a silver girl, but the richness of the beads with the copper-finished ends is just too much goodness...I have to follow that path.

Speaking of paths...I guess it's time to move towards Afghanistan and the two pages that have to be done before tomorrow morning. But, not before one more look at my goodies! haaaaaaaaaaa


  1. Hope you managed to put those gorgeous beads to the back of your mind and concentrate on your essay.
    I missed the beadsoup party but I will be watching with great interest to see what you all come up with and hopefully join in next time.

  2. Who cares about the essay when you've got drool-worthy beads to work with! Oops, sorry - sometimes I'm not the most sensible of people!

  3. Of course you made the right choice.... that war was so yesterday, this soup is NOW! Shouldn't have even been a question. :o) So glad you approve of my offerings, Jen!! Can't wait to see what you do w/ it! ~ Julie

  4. Wow! How beautiful! Yeah, I think I would have ignored that paper and gone straight to the beads too.

  5. Lucky you Julie's beads are wonderful and her mix from you was beautiful.


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