Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Little Package of Beadalon Goodness

A couple of days ago, I posted about a not-very-successful class effort I tried. Even though I didn't get the big chance I wanted to share some skills with some new folks, I still ended up with a cute little earring design.

I got the greatest compliment on that post...Margot Potter, the Impatient Crafter herself, saw my post and my reference to the book "Exposed" that features all sorts of Beadalon components. She actually commented on my blog! I was shocked and honored! But, even cooler, she saw my joking note about my lack of compensation for glowing reviews of the produts and had Beadalon send me some samples! I got a great little pack of treats!

I'm so excited to go make something new! My fave things from this little package of goodness:

- crimp covers - the little "open beads" that you can use to cover up a not-so-pretty crimp and make it look like a bead

- sterling silver crimp ends - I didn't even realize Beadalon components came in sterling silver!

I'm gonna go do some more browsing on the Beadalon website to see what other neat tidbits I may need in my workshop!

So, many thanks to Margot & Beadalon for the crafty love!!!


  1. what a fabulous gesture by both! ca't wait to see what you create! ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  2. That is a super bag of goodies from Beadalon! Margot is awesome like that! I'm loving on those earrings!

    :-) Cindy

  3. How awesome is that??? Very cool. Love the earrings!!

  4. How great is that? Those earings are fantastic.


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