Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Party Partner...

A couple of days ago I posted about Lori Anderson's Party. Well, it turns out there are 83 artists/bloggers/beaders/crafters attending!! How cool is that?

The greatest email was waiting in my inbox this morning from Julie Nordine, of Credit River Art Glass. She's my Party partner. :) What does that mean? She's going to send me beads to work with and I'll send her a set of goodies from my collection...then, we take those sets and work them into something spectacular. Not only is she a fantastic lampwork bead artist, she's an Air Force girl, too! Well, she grew up with an Air Force dad and that certainly counts. :) She has a great gallery on her website: Julie Nordine - Credit River Glass that you should definitely check out. Here's just one sample of her work...

Isn't it seriously gorgeous? She says her bead style is "fairly organic.... in a strong, exaggerated & stylized sort of way." Anything that's strong, exaggerated & stylized sounds great to me! She's writing to the bead-blog world from Minnesota on her Credit River Art Glass blog and there are more great pictures and stories.

So, great to meet you, Julie! And best wishes to all the others at the Party!


  1. Wowie! Her beads are amazing, Jen. I can't wait to see what you make!

  2. Lucky girl Jen to work with such a talented artist as Julie, and a chance for her to work with you too.
    I can't wait to see the result of such a meeting.

  3. Wow! I bet you'll get some lovely beads to experiment with.

  4. Oh my, her lampwork beads are stunning!


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