Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kansas City's Finest, Beadiest, Shops!

While visiting the Velasquez clan--now my clan--in Kansas City over the holidays, my sweetie husband helped me plan a little bead shopping adventure one afternoon. The weather was freezing and we had to take a break for some KC BBQ, but we got to two shops and I had great experiences at both and want to share!

First, there's The Bead Shop in the Overland Park area of the city. They have something for just about every beader! Some of the newer fun stuff like metal stamping but lots of the seed bead basics, too. They have a huge selection of base metal chain in all sorts of pattern and sizes that really caught my eye. I saw some stone cuts that I haven't seen before, too, which was cool. Plus, I got sucked into the glass case featuring the "good stuff" at the counter. You know, those cases have the fanciest, prettiest, and most budget-unfriendly stones that you'll ever drool over. Well, I didn't just drool...I couldn't hold back on this gorgeous strand of imperial jasper.

So, overall, a great shop to check out if you're in the area. I got some great, enthusiastic help from the staff while I browsed for close to an hour. :)
Next, there's the shop over in Lenexa called The Heartland Bead Market. I was overwhelmed by the walls full of color! They have great lighting that really makes the most of an extensive collection of Czech glass. I'm not usually a big fan, but I couldn't resist perusing the entire wall and ended up with some pretties! The stones were gorgeous and I ended up with way more than I probably "need" but I couldn't resist. The staff was wonderfully helpful and encouraging when it came to making some interesting stone combinations. :)
Plus, I'm now nearly obsessed with lapis because it's native to Afghanistan and I have a personal connection there now. :)
So, I may not have the most powerful endorsement, but I'm a world-wide bead shopper and these are both places that I'll definitely visit again!


  1. Love those imperial jasper stones, so yummy, and congrats on your gorgeous covergirl necklace, it's perfection!

  2. I love the jasper! It is so fun to create with new loot. Looking forward to see what you come up with.

  3. I LOVE the jasper beads - I WANT THEM!!!!! ;o)

    hello gorgeous xxx

  4. I lived in KC for a year. These are two fine places of beady goodness. So happy you made such fab finds.

  5. Lucky you! I live nearly two hours away from KC, and don't get up there too often (probably a good thing), but these are the two shops I visit (and sometimes Beadassler Beads in Overland Park).


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