Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shells on the Beach - An Art Jewelry Elements Blog Hop


That's really all I need to say to bring to mind all those lovely things that summer entails, including the beach and sun and sand and joy.  Oh, and the relief of aloe on a sunburn or icy-hot on an overworked muscle.  haaaaaaaaaa

I was wandering around in blog land this morning and found a lovely picture from Jen Cameron over on the Art Jewelry Elements blog...it's the inspiration for a beachy, summer, lovely blog hop.  I immediately thought of the shell-y pendants I made last summer, inspired by a lovely walk on the beach here in Hampton Roads.
Captiva Island Shells

So, I found these in my (massive) jewelry collection and want to share them here again since they remind me of last year's fun and hope for more beach adventures this year....
Plus, now I'm thinking about pulling out the resin and seeing what other summer lovin' I can capture
Or, maybe I should even try to sell these babies so my own jewelry collection is less massive.  :)  If you're interested...let me know...
Hope you get out and about to experience the joy of the beach as well as the joy of an inspiring blog hop!  I'm sure you'll see a ton of beauty in both places!!

Thanks to the Art Jewelry Elements blog for the morning push to create!!!


  1. Such adorable charms I love them...

  2. I love shells - those are great!

  3. I totally love how the shells inspired you! Your pendants are awesome!

  4. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh my gosh! How did I not see this before? I adore your pendants!

  6. Ugh! I just wrote a comment as my kid. haha! I'm pretty sure he wouldn't tell anyone he loves their pendants ;-) But I would, and I do. Love them, that is. I think you should def make more!


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