Saturday, June 2, 2012

"She was destined to be a hot mess"

I'm not really a journaling kind of girl, but the other day while traveling I ended up taking a few notes on strange things I heard.  My favorite has to be from the guy sitting behind me on the plane:

"She was destined to be a hot mess."

I know he wasn't talking about me...or, at least I assume he wasn't, but still...what an applicable statement.  I'm a hot mess in progress and having fun.  And, yes, you're seeing a woman in uniform who just got down and dirty with some purple cupcakes.  MMMMMmmmmhmmmmmm

 In honor of hot messes, I am sharing a video of one of my favorite comedy routines of all time from Ralphie May.  I have a crazy relationship with food  and exercise so his take on fitness and eating hits really close to home...I love it!  It's seriously worth watching if you love cake and icing.

The man sings the word "fudge."  haaaaaaaaaa  You can't beat that for a smile!

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