Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dear Daddy,

Every day when I'm taking my little indoor bike ride, I think of you and the thousands of miles you've gone on your two wheels.  I may not be moving forward, but it still gives me time to reflect on things and enjoy a little peace.

Today I'm reflecting on the creativity you helped me grow.  I thank you for the abilities you helped foster that make it a little easier to think and make and draw and design and imagine and create.  Those things shape nearly everything in my life, not just when I'm sitting in front of a blank piece of paper or in front of a pile of beads.  Being able to move my thinking outside the box and change perspectives has made me the leader I am today.  It influences everything from how I put an Excel spreadsheet together to how I try to get my team to solve major problems.  My personal life may seem kind of a shambles at times, but I still have the confidence to come up with some kind of interesting solution...and that's because I know you'll always be there behind me.

Baby JenYou showed me that reading and learning is a natural part of life.  It took me a while to realize that not everyone values those things, so when I read something cool or get that "click" in my mind when something falls into place, I know how special it is.  Even though you're esoteric tendencies will always be out of my reach, at least I can still reach.  :)  

I just wanted you to know how much you influence things I do every single day...even if I don't call and tell you all that often.  :)

I'm going to go biking your honor on this Father's Day.




  1. What a great picture!

    Just a quick note to let you know I nominated you for the "one lovely blog award."


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