Monday, January 16, 2012

Wreathtastic in Williamsburg

Curt & I took a Saturday afternoon and had a little adventure up in Colonial Williamsburg.  We were focused on a dinner date, but I made him go up a few hours early so we could wander around and get some photos.  Well, we were lucky to have a nicely overcast day (with good natural light) and the village was decked out for the holidays with all sorts of natural decor.  I heard one of the villagers, aka a person in colonial garb, talking about the decorations and, apparently, the homes in the historic section can only be adorned with materials that would have been available in the 18th century.  As we were walking I joked about coming up with a blog post about this and Curt chimed in with "wreathtastic" as a descriptor...we laughed and laughed and now here it is!  Enjoy!
 Chowning's Tavern
 A little more detail at Chowning' those little "ales"

A few close-up the dried floral & fruit details

Even with supposed limits on the materials, the creativity in these bits isn't limited at all!  I didn't get many good shots of the more non-traditional materials like cotton or feathers or antlers.

And, finally, while we waited for dinner, a little shot of us.  :)


  1. Jen, the wreaths are fantastic! I would love to visit this place sometime. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love those oranges. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Just randomly looking at blogs, and your pictures caught my eye- wow that looks so nice:)

  4. I just saw this and had to say these pictures rock! I'm glad I'm not the only one enamored with these wreaths.
    BTW I met you at the ArtBliss reception; I was the hugely pregnant gal enamored with your torch-fired-enamel necklace.


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