Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Project 52: Unraveling

Here I am for week 3 of 52.  This is a shot of a bigass hunk of yarn that one of my knitting buds is using to craft up a big afghan.  
The title of this is "unraveling" because that's how I feel like my week is going and it's only just begun.  My job is beyond frustrating.  I can't find any reason to craft...everything I make just sits around here taking up space.  I can't eat because I have to have my waist measured tomorrow morning.  If I don't meet the waist measurement in the morning, I'll feel like a total loser.  Feeling like a total loser is not good.  I wish I could retire.  I wish I didn't have a mortgage.  I wish I could make good things happen.  I guess I should just try...even if I am too fat around the waist.   Cheers to whining!!  

I think I'll go shop for some beads.  It won't make me skinny or make my job more satisfying, but at least I'll get something cool in the mail in a few days.  haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  1. I love getting parcels in the mail - always cheers me up!

  2. Oh how exciting for you, I do love a big new project. After a year I'm only now sewing together my big knitted patchwork rug. I hope it goes well, great yarn.



  3. you is perfect...no skinny for you! I love you!

  4. First off shopping and getting something in the mail always makes me feel better. Sometimes it concerns my hubby but he gets over it.

    Second anytime you want to meet for a margarita or a glass of wine I'm game. We can commiserate.

  5. I know that ball of yarn will get you moving! Beautiful! Forget about the waist ... it's a waste!


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