Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"Life Accoutrements"

Okay, they're technically Christmas ornaments, I guess, but I'm transitioning to the mind that ornaments can be pretty, decoratey things all the time!  They're sort of "life accoutrements."  I've come to that idea for two reasons:  a.  I really love the ornaments I made a few weeks ago and am going to hang them up somewhere other than a tree so I can see them all the time; and b.  I have some beautiful ornaments from Rebecca Anderson of Songbeads that I got in Sally's ornament exchange and blog hop and I don't want to put them away either!

Let me start out with a photo of these three pretty dangles from Rebecca!  The best thing about them...they have a bunch of wonderful artists represented in them!
According to the little note Rebecca sent along, the poinsettia is by Elise Canning, the lovely textured urchin bead is from Blueberri Beads, and the lampworked glass is from One Silly Moo.  I love the mix of beads and how they're all tied together with wonderful rustic wirework.  So pretty!
Rebecca's been having a sad week, so if you have a chance to stop over at her blog and send her some hugs, I know she'd appreciate it.  Plus, you have to go see what I sent her!  Just a hint...it is off the "beaded path" and highlights some of my latest crochet handiwork.

Sally has started the year off with some big changes that include a new blog at The Studio Sublime.  So, she could use some hugs, too, as she sets off on a new adventure or, as her word of the year more aptly states, a new "journey."

The rest of the ornaments from the blog hop are already on display at these blogs since the original reveal date was back on 17 December:

Rebecca Anderson and Jen Velasquez  (finally!)

I have to get back to work writing a paper about irregular warfare strategy.  Good grief!  haaaaaaaaaaa  Enjoy!


  1. Oh! So pretty! I could see you easily turning that into an asymmetrical necklace or a bracelet and wearing it all through the year. This was such fun, and I am so glad that you both were able to play along!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Both ornaments are beautiful. Wonderful artisan beads too, especially the sea urchin. I am with you that these ornaments make lovely decorations year-round!

  3. oh very pretty love the colours and different beads....

  4. Definitely worth the wait!! Your ornament pictured on Rebecca's blog is splendid! I love the crochet work and the little silver spiral is perfect! Both your ornament and Rebecca's are prefect "life accoutrements." Accoutrement, love it word!!

    Good luck on the paper! Did you make it to the digital photography class?

  5. I love these! I would put them out all year as well! It is hard to read about warfare strategy and pretty beady and crochet things in the same post! It was sweet having coffee with you before Christmas!

  6. both the ornaments are well worth the wait! i love the one you made---very cool and weavy and different and certainly not just for holiday decorating :-) and the ones you received--so bright and earthy and full of life---just beautiful! i am glad you and rebecca couldn't post til now...it added a little brightness in this achingly cold day! happy 2012!

  7. Oh, those ornaments are just beautiful! Lucky you!! I'm so glad you both finally received them.

  8. What gorgeous ornaments! So beautiful, what a way to welcome in the new year! <3

  9. So pretty and these are so Rebecca with red and turquoise and wire wrapped yummy bits. I love the flower you sent her too! Beautiful work from both of you!


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