Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Little Texture

I selected my Week 2 photo for Project 52.  It's this door...the door to something delightful, but only in my imagination.  Until I figure out exactly where it should lead, I spent some time having fun with it in Elements and even added one of my own textures!  I'm gonna be learning a lot more about textures this year because I just signed up for a year-long adventure with Kim Klassen called "Beyond Layers."  I'd love to thank my dear friend, Sally Russick, but I can't just yet because I have to see just how much time I'm going to lose staring at my computer playing instead of getting things done!!  haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  Just kidding...the only way to learn how to fun-up pictures is to practice, so having a program to follow is a great way to work.
Week 2 - Welcome
If you're interested...here's the before shot that I took with my iPhone.  I used five different layers with various masks to make it look like this.  My brother challenged me to never "just apply a filter" and be done...anyone can do that.  It's the little tweaks that are going to make it all mine.  So, that's what I tried to do here.
The Before - The Door
So, that's two for two in Project 52!  Whooo hoooo.  


  1. Very intriguing photo! Sounds like a fun project. My husband suggested that I post a photo everyday on my photo blog (haven't done more than secure the name) to keep me immersed in my photography. I was a photographer long before my bead addiction! I have been a photojournalist since 1999 and love nothing more than capturing moments in the communities. But I have been longing to take a more creative approach to my photography. I haven't really used filters. Your project is inspiring! Thank you for the link to Kim Klassen, I am now following her blog and hope to check out her tutorials once I get my studio and office spaces up and running (I just moved). I look forward to seeing your weekly photos!

  2. Please pin that to pinterest as I have collection of doors on my board. That would add interest to my other doors.

  3. Love this. And I love playing with PS Elements, too. I hope you pass on all you learn in class!


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