Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Beads Listed

Wow...I've never had a post title like that before!  I just created the first listings in my Etsy shop for beads that I made with my own two hands.  It's kind of a laborious process, but I'm really thrilled with how they came out and hope that someone else out there will love some of them, too.  :)

I started out with some India ink that has bright vibrant colors and then started painting my heart out with a big fat brush to cover entire sheets of thick white paper.  Then I measured and cut long, lean triangles so I could actually create uniform bead shapes.  Thank goodness I still have a big paper cutter from back in my scrapping days--it helped a lot.  I have to say, though, that I didn't figure that shortcut out for the first few sets and tried my darnedest to cut straight lines over and over with scissors.  Nice.  I had a good laugh at my own expense when I realized how much easier it would be to use that little sliding cutter.
I love the bright colors of these sets...the orange is my natural favorite but i was able to actually create a whole set of blue & purple that have a similar pattern--blue in the middle and purple on the end--without actually setting out to do it when I first started painting that piece.
I haven't been out here in blog world for a little bit and I miss it, but I have been trying to spend more time away from the computer and off the couch.  It's actually a good thing because then I go to the gym or catch up with friends or cook dinner or work late because I want to (not because I have to).  So, while my blogging is getting a little sparse, it's because I'm attempting to keep my life full.  :)
This computer time has been super-productive for me this evening...listings on Etsy is only one thing, I also did research into graphic design classes and edited a TON of old family photos that I finally got scanned in.  I'm researching design stuff because I'm at the point in life where I want to figure out my next career and that's a field that really interests me.  ITT Tech...who would've thought?   As for the family photos, my mom will pass out when she reads this and discovers that the albums I've had on my desk for over a year have finally been completely scanned and there is actually potential for projects to be completed by Christmas.  Whoo hooo!  On that note, I'm off to get some beauty rest before another hot and busy week.  :)


  1. Well, you can add on all the other stuff you want to, but no way can you stop the jewelry making!!! Way to go on the photos, btw. Check out Maya Road for some cool photo components to create with. :)

  2. Love the beads Jen, I didn't realize that you had actually painted the paper,I thought is was paper you brought that already had the colors. Very neat.

  3. Very nice! Love the colors. They would actually compliment each other perfectly!!

  4. I love the colors in these beads! Hello from a fellow BSBP participant!


  5. The colors are very vibrant and bring life to the sight...they are also shaped in a different and nice looking spindle...could make very nice bead necklaces with these.


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