Monday, August 1, 2011

Hip in DC

I stayed at the office too late but I'm still in the mood to share a little bit so here are some Hipstamatic photos that I just downloaded from my camera.  I absolutely love how retro they makes me want to dig through the photo albums at my parents' house and reminisce.
I used the "shake" feature of the app...if you shake the phone it will mix up the film style and lens to come up with a random combination so you don't really know what you might get. 
I could sit and play with my phone for hours...if only I wasn't sitting at my office so much!!  Tomorrow I'm leaving on time so I can play! 


  1. hey gorgeous, def LOVE the retro look, hope you get to go out and play today! ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx
    p.s. LOVIN' the new header too ;o)


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